Somalia and Qatar agree to enhance bilateral relations

Somali and Qatar governments have agreed to enhanced the bilateral relations following a meeting between Somali deputy prime minister and Qatar’s Special Envoy Dr. Mutlaq alQahtani in Mogadishu.

The meeting which took place on Tuesday also focused on the support of Qatari development projects in Somalia.

“I met with Qatar’s Special Envoy Dr. Mutlaq alQahtani and we discussed the progress of the ongoing electoral process and how to further enhance our two sides relations. Qatar is a valuable friend, ally and supporter of Somalia’s development,” deputy PM, Mahdi M. Guleid.

In the past few days, alQahtani have held talks with the government officials including the prime minister and opposition leaders.

The Qatari diplomat is an accomplished mediator and was recognized by the UN with the Best Negotiator Award in 2020 for his part in the US-Taliban peace agreement.


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